Gabriela Jurca

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Agile software engineering and user-centered design are two important development processes for ensuring that an application has good user experience. However, integrating these two different processes into a single Agile-UX approach remains difficult. We performed a systematic mapping study to identify relevant research and understand what the field of(More)
The RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRP) from norovirus (NV) genogroup II has previously been crystallized as an apoenzyme (APO1) in multiple crystal forms, as well as as a pre-incorporation ternary complex (PRE1) bound to Mn(2+), various nucleoside triphosphates and an RNA primer-template duplex in an orthorhombic crystal form. When crystallized under(More)
Breast cancer is a serious disease which affects many women and may lead to death. It has received considerable attention from the research community. Thus, biomedical researchers aim to find genetic biomarkers indicative of the disease. Novel biomarkers can be elucidated from the existing literature. However, the vast amount of scientific publications on(More)
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