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Feature Extraction, also known as Multidimensional Scaling , is a basic primitive associated with indexing, clustering, nearest neighbor searching and visualization. We consider the problem of feature extraction when the data-points are complex and the distance evaluation function is very expensive to evaluate. Examples of expensive distance evaluations(More)
The causes of schizophrenia remain unknown, but a key role of oligodendrocytes and of the myelination process carried out by them has gained increasing support. The adult human brain parenchyma contains a relatively large population of progenitor cells that can generate oligodendrocytes. Defects in these adult oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs) or in(More)
The strand separation problem is that of calculating the probability of separation of each base pair in the DNA sequence under specied physical and chemical conditions. A computational method that performs an approximate statistical mechanical analysis of this phenomenon has previously been developed and shown to be accurate when compared with experiments.(More)
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