Gabriela Hinojosa

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EEG spectral parameters were computed in a group of children with different degrees of difficulty in learning to read and write. For statistical analyses, Z-transformed values according to normative age-regression equations were used to control the age effects. Canonical Correlation Analysis between absolute power in different bands and the categories of(More)
In this paper we study kleinian groups of Schottky type whose limit set is a wild knot in the sense of Artin and Fox. We show that, if the " original knot " fibers over the circle then the wild knot Λ also fibers over the circle. As a consequence, the universal covering of S 3 − Λ is R 3. We prove that the complement of a dynamically-defined fibered wild(More)
Cry toxins are primarily a family of insecticidal toxins produced by the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). However, some Cry toxins, called parasporins (PSs), are non-insecticidal and have been shown to differentially kill human cancer cells. Based on amino acid homology, there are currently six different classes of parasporins (PS1-6). It is not known(More)
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