Gabriela Hernández Salvador

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Ovary development and maturation of Nezara viridula (L.) were evaluated by examining ovariole morphology and the alterations in the biochemical (protein synthesis related to reproduction) composition of the hemolymph. Quantitative and qualitative protein analyses were performed and ovary structural alterations for the pre-reproductive and reproductive(More)
Parasitoids exploit host insects for food and other resources; they alter host development and physiology to optimize conditions to favor parasitoid development. Parasitoids influence their hosts by injecting eggs, along with a variety of substances, including venoms, polydnaviruses, ovarian fluids, and other maternal factors, into hosts. These factors(More)
Neuronal differentiation plays a key role during embryogenesis. However, based on the capacity of neuronal stem cells to either generate or regenerate neurons and because differentiation stops aberrant neuroblasts proliferation, neuronal differentiation is crucial during neuropathological conditions. Although phosphatidylcholine (PtdCho) has been proposed(More)
We present YiVi, a system to improve and to strengthen the traditional organization and communication in the indigenous towns in Mexico. A characteristic of all these collectives is the persistent collaboration and social participation used to improve their community. Our main objective is for these communities to be able to meet their needs through(More)
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