Gabriela Fabbiani

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Our long-term goal is to approach the understanding of the anatomical and physiological bases for communication signal diversity in gymnotiform fishes as a model for vertebrate motor pattern generation. Brachyhypopomus gauderio emits, in addition to its electric organ discharge (EOD) at basal rate, a rich repertoire of rate modulations. We examined the(More)
It is currently thought that the hypothalamus influences motor output through connections with premotor structures which in turn project to motor nuclei. However, hypocretinergic/orexinergic projections to different motor pools have recently been demonstrated. The present study was undertaken to examine whether hypocretinergic/orexinergic neurons are the(More)
The ependyma of the spinal cord harbours stem cells which are activated by traumatic spinal cord injury. Progenitor-like cells in the central canal (CC) are organized in spatial domains. The cells lining the lateral aspects combine characteristics of ependymocytes and radial glia (RG) whereas in the dorsal and ventral poles, CC-contacting cells have the(More)
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