Gabriela Durán

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Nanotechnology is currently driving the dental materials industry to substantial growth, thus reflecting on improvements in materials available for oral prevention and treatment. The present review discusses new developments in nanotechnology applied to dentistry, focusing on the use of nanomaterials for improving the quality of oral care, the perspectives(More)
Translation in fluent bilinguals requires comprehension of a stimulus word and subsequent production, or retrieval and articulation, of the response word. Four repetition-priming experiments with Spanish–English bilinguals (N = 274) decomposed these processes using selective facilitation to evaluate their unique priming contributions and factorial(More)
Fanconi's anaemia (FA) is an autosomal recessive syndrome associated with chromosomal instability, and hypersensitivity of the DNA to claustrogenic agents. Clinically it presents a progressive marrow insufficiency, different congenital anomalies and an predisposition to malignancy. Eight complementation groups have been defined and the genes corresponding(More)
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