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Shear stress measurements on InAs nanowires by AFM manipulation.
In this paper, we report on a novel approach to measure shear stress between elastic nanowires and a SiO2 surface. The method is based on the fact that the curvature of an elastically deformed nanoExpand
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Friction measurements of InAs nanowires on silicon nitride by AFM manipulation.
A study was conducted to perform friction measurements of InAs nanowires (NW) on silicon nitride (Si 3N 4) through atomic force microscopy (AFM) manipulation. The investigations revealed the frictionExpand
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Probing strain in bent semiconductor nanowires with Raman spectroscopy.
We present a noninvasive optical method to determine the local strain in individual semiconductor nanowires. InP nanowires were intentionally bent with an atomic force microscope and variations inExpand
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Bias-controlled friction of InAs nanowires on a silicon nitride layer studied by atomic force microscopy
By studying how nanowires lying on a surface bend when pushed by an atomic force microscopy tip we are able to measure the friction between them and the substrate. Here, we show how the frictionExpand
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Comparative friction measurements of InAs nanowires on three substrates
We have investigated friction between InAs nanowires and three different substrates: SiO2, fluorosilanized SiO2, and Si3N4. The nanowires were pushed laterally with the tip of an atomic forceExpand
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Friction measurements on InAs NWs by AFM manipulation
We discuss a new approach to measure the friction force between elastically deformed nanowires and a surface. The wires are bent, using an AFM, into an equilibrium shape determined by elasticExpand
Nanowire friction with an applied bias
Recently, we have shown how the friction experienced by nanowires pushed by an AFM tip can be determined by measuring their radius of curvature after manipulation [1]. It is of fundamental interestExpand