Gabriela Cavalcanti Alves

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Herbaspirillum spp. has been described as bacteria that colonizes not only maize roots but also stems and leaves. This study aimed to access the growth-promoting effect of 21 strains of Herbaspirillum on maize plants. This study is composed by 12 strains of the H. seropedicae, 5 strains of the H. rubrisubalbicans and 4 strains of the H. frisingense.(More)
The genus Burkholderia is highly diverse and may mediate plant growth via several mechanisms. The current study evaluates the role of strains from four Burkholderia species in maize growth promotion. Twenty three strains of diazotrophic Burkholderia species were applied to two maize genotypes (SHS5050 and BRS4157) under greenhouse and field conditions.(More)
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