Gabriela Carter

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Actinomyces viscosus is a gram-positive, non-acid-fact, facultative, catalase-positive, filamentous, or diphtheroidal microorganism. It was isolated from six canine infections during a period of 1.5 years. The organism was cultured from exudate and flaky granules aspirated from infectious granulomas and empyemas. All cultures grew well aerobically and(More)
Attempts were made to reproduce bovine lechiguana, a disease associated with Dermatobia hominis and Pasteurella granulomatis infections. Suspensions of Pasteurella granulomatis were mixed with each of the following: saponin, oil adjuvant, ground Dermatobia hominis, or 5% mucin. Each preparation was inoculated into 6 cattle. Twelve more cattle, 6 of which(More)
Seventy-four cultures of Pasteurella multocida representing all four capsular types, A, B, D, and C, from various animal species and diseases were examined for the production of hyaluronidase by two procedures. In one, hyaluronidase production was determined by the depolymerization of streptococcal capsular hyaluronic acid, and in the other, production was(More)