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BACKGROUND Sodium azide is a chemical with a mechanism similar to cyanide. There is concern that it could be used as a chemical warfare agent. OBJECTIVES We report a cluster of poisonings that occurred at a public restaurant and the subsequent investigation that identified iced tea contaminated with sodium azide (NaN3) and hydrazoic acid, as the foodborne(More)
Improving 30-day readmission continues to be problematic for most hospitals. This study reports the creation and validation of sex-specific inpatient (i) heart failure (HF) risk scores using electronic data from the beginning of inpatient care for effective and efficient prediction of 30-day readmission risk. METHODS HF patients hospitalized at(More)
With a view to initiating epidemiological studies aimed at demonstrating the causal or concausal role of certain working activities in degenerative diseases of the coxo-femoral articulations, the authors report data from a radiological study of a reference population and the necessary conditions for their correct use. Statistical analysis of the descriptive(More)
Little is known regarding the health care needs of Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF) deployed veterans seeking care outside of Veterans Affairs facilities. Responding to this gap, we conducted a mixed methods study of postdeployment health among veterans and members of their social networks in six community-based primary care(More)
This report provides a review of infection-control techniques used by health-care practitioners. It is then stated that there is an increased awareness regarding the role of nonverbal influences on the communication process, especially among child patients, for whom fear and anxiety are common traits. This study evaluated whether the use of masks in the(More)
We report a case similar to that of Kaban (1990) showing that intraossous sutures of facial bones can modify or inhibit growth of teeth. In our case, the upper left permanent incisive and the upper left permanent second molar did not grow normally because of the intraosseous sutures required for bone fixation. The permanent mandibular canines did not(More)
CONTEXT Collaborative networks support the goals of a learning health system by sharing, aggregating, and analyzing data to facilitate identification of best practices care across delivery organizations. This case study describes the infrastructure and process developed by an integrated health delivery system to successfully prepare and submit a complex(More)
Traditional cuvette-based enzyme studies lack spatial information and do not allow real-time monitoring of the effects of modulating enzyme functions in vivo. In order to probe the realistic timescales of steric modifications in enzyme-substrate complexes and functional binding-unbinding kinetics in living cells without losing spatial information, it is(More)
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