Gabriela C Coutinho-Mansfield

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Mounting evidence suggests that transcription and RNA processing are intimately coupled in vivo, although each process can occur independently in vitro. It is generally thought that polymerase II (Pol II) C-terminal domain (CTD) kinases are recruited near the transcription start site to overcome initial Pol II pausing events, and that stably bound kinases(More)
SR proteins are well-characterized RNA binding proteins that promote exon inclusion by binding to exonic splicing enhancers (ESEs). However, it has been unclear whether regulatory rules deduced on model genes apply generally to activities of SR proteins in the cell. Here, we report global analyses of two prototypical SR proteins, SRSF1 (SF2/ASF) and SRSF2(More)
Alternative splicing is a prominent feature of higher eukaryotes. Understanding of the function of mRNA isoforms and the regulation of alternative splicing is a major challenge in the post-genomic era. The development of mRNA isoform sensitive microarrays, which requires precise splice-junction sequence information, is a promising approach. Despite the(More)
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