Gabriela Andrejková

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Pattern matching problem is still very interesting and important problem. Algorithms for the exact pattern matching search for exact patterns in some texts or figures. Algorithms for an approximate pattern matching search for exact and similar patterns with some errors. They use some measures to evaluate a similarity of found similar patterns. In the area(More)
Authors of written texts mainly can be characterized by some collection of attributes obtained from texts. Texts of the same author are very similar from the style point of view. We can consider that attributes of a full text are very similar to attributes of parts in the same text. In the same thoughts can be compared different parts of the same text. In(More)
In this paper we describe a new model suitable for optimization problems with explicitly unknown optimization functions using user’s preferences. The model addresses an ability to learn not known optimization functions thus perform also a learning of user’s preferences. The model consists of neural networks using fuzzy membership functions and interactive(More)
In the paper, we describe and develop more effective solutions of two important problems in bioinformatics. The first problem is the multiple sequence alignment problem and the second problem is RNA secondary structure prediction (folding) problem. Each of these problems should be solved with better results if we know the solution of the other one, but(More)