Gabriela Adela Gánem Gutiérrez

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Endometriosis, a chronic disease characterized by endometrial tissue located outside the uterine cavity, affects one fourth of young women and is associated with chronic pelvic pain and infertility. However, an in-depth understanding of the pathophysiology and effective treatment strategies of endometriosis is still largely elusive. Inadequate immune and(More)
Circumvention of multidrug resistance is a new field of investigation in cancer chemotherapy, and safe and potent multidrug resistance inhibitors are needed for clinical use. We investigated several analogues of quinine for their ability to increase anthracycline uptake in resistant cancer cells. Cinchonine was the most potent inhibitor of anthracycline(More)
PROBLEM Regulatory factors seem to be essential to achieve transition from implantation window to placental vascularization. A novel function of interleukin (IL)-6 in the promotion of Th2 differentiation and inhibition of Th1 polarization has been demonstrated. Considering that Th2 response promotes antibody synthesis, we postulate that IL-6 could be(More)
PROBLEM Endometrial NK cells play a critical role in uterine vascularization producing angiogenic factors. Impact of ovarian stimulation on endometrial expression of NK cells and VEGF in normal fertile oocyte donors and the effect of endometrial injury treatment on these parameters have been investigated. METHOD OF STUDY Endometrial tissue was obtained(More)
Pregnancy success is attributed to the joint action of several factors such as regulatory placental molecules and components of the mother's immune system, among others. Asymmetrical glycosilated and functionally univalent IgG antibodies are suggested to influence the immune balance between the mother and foetus, playing a meaningful role on the foetal(More)
BACKGROUND The increased cardiovascular risk present in chronic kidney disease (CKD) is related to the development of endothelial dysfunction, whose mechanisms are still unclear. Accumulation of toxins and proinflammatory cytokines may constitute danger-associated molecular patterns (DAMP) to which endothelial cells are continuously exposed. Potential(More)
PROBLEM Trophoblast invasion is a temporally and locally restricted process, which regulates implantation and oxygen arrival to the embryo through the dialog with spiral artery endothelium. Trophoblast factors with angiogenic potential are activated by hypoxia. Their capacities to induce proliferation, migration, and invasion of trophoblastic cells have(More)
PROBLEM CBA/J x DBA/2 abortion rate could be the consequence of a deficient local production of T helper (Th2) cytokines, which cause fetal wastage via fgl2 prothrombinase. Heparin reduces significantly the abortion rate in mice and recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) patients. We proposed to determine the effect of enoxaparin on the levels of local(More)
PROBLEM Peripheral counts of CD16(+ ) NK cells have been well characterized in reproductive failure. However, not enough case-control clinical studies have been conducted to establish normal or abnormal CD16(+/-)  values in the endometrium. METHOD OF STUDY Peripheral and endometrial NK cell counts by FACS, IL-6, and VEGF cytokines levels by ELISA were(More)
In normal conditions, a simple change in the pattern of cytokines towards a Th2 response is associated with the production of aggressive antibodies. This fact could not completely explain phenomena such as the fetal survival or the chronicity of certain infections. However, it has been demonstrated that Th2 cytokines increase the proportion of asymmetric(More)