Gabriel de Faria Andery

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Software architecture has received increasing attention of practitioners and researchers, since it has played a significant role in determining the success and quality of software systems. At the same time, the success of open source software (OSS) has also sparked interest of researchers in the universities and in the software industry. OSS has been(More)
Multidimensional Visualization techniques are invaluable tools for analysis of structured and unstructured data with variable dimensionality. This paper introduces PEx-Image—Projection Explorer for Images—a tool aimed at supporting analysis of image collections. The tool supports a methodology that employs interactive visualizations to aid user-driven(More)
Visual analysis of social networks is usually based on graph drawing algorithms and tools. However, social networks are a special kind of graph in the sense that interpretation of displayed relationships is heavily dependent on context. Context, in its turn, is given by attributes associated with graph elements, such as individual nodes, edges, and groups(More)
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