Gabriel Tarasuk-Levin

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Many data center virtualization solutions, such as VMware ESX, employ content-based page sharing to consolidate the resources of multiple servers. Page sharing identifies virtual machine memory pages with identical content and consolidates them into a single shared page. This technique, implemented at the host level, applies only between VMs placed on a(More)
Live virtual machine migration allows the movement of a running VM from one physical host to another with negligible disruption in service. This enables many compelling features including zero downtime hardware upgrades, dynamic resource management, and test to production service migration. Historically, live migration worked only between machines that(More)
Modern data centers increasingly employ virtualization in order to maximize resource utilization while reducing costs. With the advent of multi-core processors, memory has become the key limiting resource when running multiple virtual machines on a given server. In this paper, we argue for exploiting page sharing to significantly reduce aggregate memory(More)
Programming high-performance server applications is challenging: it is both complicated and error-prone to write the concurrent code required to deliver high performance and scalability. Server performance bottlenecks are difficult to identify and correct. Finally, it is difficult to predict server performance prior to deployment. This paper presents Flux,(More)
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