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The paper presents a critical review of selected simulation models including (1) flow based, (2) cellular automata, (3) agent-based, and (4) activity-based models, as well as of three simulation models that incorporate social scientific processes-FIRESCAP, EXODUS, and the Multi-Agent Simulation for Crisis Management. It concludes by pointing out the so far(More)
Recent clinical studies have shown that sepsis survivors may develop long-term cognitive impairments. The cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in these events are not well understood. This study investigated synaptic deficits in sepsis and the involvement of glial cells in this process. Septic animals showed memory impairment and reduced numbers of(More)
Conceptual models have been developed for many domains and application types. Within each discipline, the mode and purpose of conveying the design is slightly different. For example, in the computing disciplines, the concept ual models are comprised of constr uct s that enable the domain expert and software engineer to represe nt an application with(More)
This paper presents the Realistic Scenarios Generator (RealScen), a tool that processes data from real electricity markets to generate realistic scenarios that enable the modeling of electricity market players' characteristics and strategic behavior. The proposed tool provides significant advantages to the decision making process in an electricity market(More)
This document presents a tool able to automatically gather data provided by real energy markets and to generate scenarios, capture and improve market players' profiles and strategies by using knowledge discovery processes in databases supported by artificial intelligence techniques, data mining algorithms and machine learning methods. It provides the means(More)