Gabriel Sanchez

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This paper presents the distributed architecture of the WIDE workjlow management system. We show how distribution and scalability are obtained by the use of a distributed object model, a clientlserver architecture, and a distributed workjlow server architecture. Specific attention is paid to the extended transaction support and active rule support(More)
This paper presents a workflow specification language developed in the WIDE project. The language provides a rich organisation model, an information model including presentation details, and a sophisticated process model. Workflow application developers should find the language a useful and compact means to capture and investigate design details. Workflow(More)
1. Abstract Fingerprint recognition is one of the most popular methods used for identification with greater degree of success. The fingerprint has unique characteristics called minutiae, which are points where a curve track finishes, intersect or branches off. Identification systems using fingerprints biometric patterns are called AFIS (Automatic(More)
In this paper, we propose a low-cost sequential architecture for the implementation of CORDIC algorithm in two computation modes. It suited for serial operation that performs conversion between polar and rectangular coordinate systems, essentially sin/cos, sinh/cosh and arctan computation. The design targets real time application of fingerprint recognition.(More)
Posets are abstract models that may be considered as generating a set of linear orders, which are permutations on some base set. The problem of determining a minimum set of posets that can exactly generate a specified input set of linear orders is referred to as the Poset Cover Problem, and this problem is NP-Hard in the general case. In this study, we(More)
  • Luis Obispo, Alex Bendoyro, Gabriel Sanchez, Erin Stearns, Phillip Takahashi, Kristina Jameson
  • 2011
This project reviews the design, manufacturing and experimentation process of a green bi-propellant thruster designed to output 5 lbf. The goals were to successfully design, manufacture and test a thruster, while discovering the complications that arise through out the complete design process of a green thruster. The thruster was successfully designed using(More)
This paper proposes a system gives for explicit content image detection based on Computer Vision Algorithms, pattern recognition and FTK software Explicit Image Detection. In the first stage, HSV color model is used for the input images for the purpose of discriminating elements that are not human skin images. Then the image is filtered using skin(More)
During the last two decade, numerous handwriting character recognition systems have been proposed. Many of them presented their limitation when the handwriting character is cursive type and it has some deformation. However this type of cursive character is easily recognized by the human being. In this paper we research its human ability and apply it to the(More)
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