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The politics of aesthetics : the distribution of the sensible
In his forward, Ranci re (aesthetics and politics emeritus, U. de Paris VIII) states his concern is for aesthetic acts that create new approaches to sense perception and political subjectivity.Expand
Critical Theory Today
Mute Speech: Literature, Critical Theory, and Politics
Jacques Ranci re has continually unsettled political discourse, particularly through his questioning of aesthetic "distributions of the sensible," which configure the limits of what can be seen andExpand
Jacques Rancière: History, Politics, Aesthetics
The French philosopher Jacques Ranciere has influenced disciplines from history and philosophy to political theory, literature, art history, and film studies. His research into nineteenth-centuryExpand
One question : gilets jaunes [What is the significance of the Gilets Jaunes movement?]
What is the significance of the Gilets Jaunes movement? We ask 15 leading thinkers to give a brief answer to this important and timely question. With responses from: Nonna Mayer, Gabriel Rockhill,Expand