Gabriel R. A. Margarido

1Marcelo Mollinari
1Antonio Augusto F. Garcia
1Maria Marta Pastina
1Rodrigo Gazaffi
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Quantitative trait loci (QTL) mapping is an important approach for the study of the genetic architecture of quantitative traits. For perennial species, inbred lines cannot be obtained due to inbreed depression and a long juvenile period. Instead, linkage mapping can be performed by using a full-sib progeny. This creates a complex scenario because both(More)
As a result of improvements in genome assembly algorithms and the ever decreasing costs of high-throughput sequencing technologies, new high quality draft genome sequences are published at a striking pace. With well-established methodologies, larger and more complex genomes are being tackled, including polyploid plant genomes. Given the similarity between(More)
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