Gabriel Padilla

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Devoted to the victims of the natural tragedy in Vargas, Dec.15/1999, who died under the rage of Waraira Repano. Abstract. Any pl-stratified pseudomanifod can be normalized preserving its intersection homology. In this paper we extend this result for any topological stratified pseudomanifold and for a family of perversities which is larger than usual. Our(More)
BACKGROUND There is an imperative necessity for alternative sources of energy able to reduce the world dependence of fossil oil. One of the most successful options is ethanol obtained mainly from sugarcane and corn fermentation. The foremost residue from sugarcane industry is the bagasse, a rich lignocellulosic raw material uses for the production of(More)
BACKGROUND The island of New Guinea is located midway between the world's two major melioidosis endemic regions of Australia and Southeast Asia. Previous studies in Papua New Guinea have demonstrated autochthonous melioidosis in Balimo, Western province. In contrast to other regions of endemicity, isolates recovered from both environmental and clinical(More)
Listeria monocytogenes is a food-borne, opportunistic, bacterial pathogen causing a wide spectrum of diseases, including meningitis, septicemia, abortion, and gastroenteritis, in humans and animals. Among the 13 L. monocytogenes serovars described, human listeriosis is mostly associated with strains of serovars 4b, 1/2b, and 1/2a. Within the species L.(More)
The chemical ecology and biotechnological potential of metabolites from endophytic and rhizosphere fungi are receiving much attention. A collection of 17 sugarcane-derived fungi were identified and assessed by PCR for the presence of polyketide synthase (PKS) genes. The fungi were all various genera of ascomycetes, the genomes of which encoded 36 putative(More)
Spatially-variant photonic crystals (SVPCs), in which the orientation of the unit cell changes as a function of position, are shown to be capable of abruptly controlling light beams using just low index materials and can be made to have high polarization selectivity. Multi-photon direct laser writing in the photo-polymer SU-8 was used to fabricate(More)
For any smooth free action of the unit circle S 1 in a manifold M ; the Gysin sequence of M is a long exact sequence relating the DeRham cohomologies of M and its orbit space M/S 1. If the action is not free then M/S 1 is not a manifold but a stratified pseudomanifold and there is a Gysin sequence relating the DeRham cohomology of M with the intersection(More)
A classical result says that a free action of the circle S 1 on a topological space X is geometrically classified by the orbit space B and by a cohomological class e ∈ H 2 (B, Z), the Euler class. When the action is not free we have a difficult open question: Π : " Is the space X determined by the orbit space B and the Euler class? " The main result of this(More)
Herein, we report a draft genome sequence of the endophytic Curtobacterium sp. strain ER1/6, isolated from a surface-sterilized Citrus sinensis branch, and it presented the capability to control phytopathogens. Functional annotation of the ~3.4-Mb genome revealed 3,100 protein-coding genes, with many products related to known ecological and biotechnological(More)