Gabriel Oliveira

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—Existing works for semantic trajectory data analysis have focused on the intersection of trajectories with application important geographic information and the use of the speed to find interesting places. In this paper we present a novel approach to find interesting places in trajectories, considering the variation of the direction as the main aspect. The(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to verify the hypothesis that enamel deproteinization with papain gel at concentrations of 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, and 10% increases shear bond strength as concentration increases. METHODS A total of 180 bovine mandibular permanent incisors were used, divided into six groups (n=30), and denominated as follows: group 1 is(More)
Trajectory data play a fundamental role to an increasing number of applications, such as traffic control, transportation management, animal migration, and tourism. These data are normally available as sample points. However, for many applications, meaningful patterns cannot be extracted from sample points without considering the background geographic(More)
—Real-time digital simulators (RTDS) are used for real-time simulation of power systems. As the complexity of the electric power grid and associated control increases in the future, modeling and simulation of the power network as well as the control becomes essential. This requirement will be even more prominent in the context of smart grid. As enabling(More)
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