Gabriel Nestor Genzano

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Digenean are important endoparasites of fish with complex life cycles; some genera include medusae as secondary hosts. Their transmission to fish occurs when fish prey on these jelly hosts. Fish predation on jellyfish is a widespread phenomenon, even though predation by fish on jellyfish has not been determined through parasitism yet. We hypothesized that(More)
The genus Orthopyxis is widely known for its morphological variability, making species identification particularly difficult. A number of nominal species have been recorded in the southwestern Atlantic, although most of these records are doubtful. The goal of this study was to infer species boundaries in the genus Orthopyxis from the southwestern Atlantic(More)
Blackfordia virginica, a hydromedusa native to the Black Sea, has become established in a number of estuarine areas worldwide. In estuaries of northeastern Brazil, only a single published report, from the early 1960s, exists of the species and its establishment here has remained doubtful. On discovering specimens collected in the region at various times(More)
The first open-sea (non-coastal) Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Argentina was created in 2013 (and named “Namuncurá”), at Burdwood Bank, an undersea plateau located about 200 km south from Malvinas/Falkland Islands, SW Atlantic Ocean. This contribution represents the most recent and complete checklist of benthic organisms (mainly mega and macrofauna) that(More)
Seven new C-secosteroids were isolated from the gorgonian Tripalea clavaria collected from the South Atlantic. These compounds have a Delta(5), 9,11-secosteroid nucleus together with a 22S hydroxyl group. The absolute configuration of the 22-hydroxyl group was determined with the help of COSY spectra of the Mosher esters of the compounds.
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