Gabriel Michau

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In transport networks, Origin-Destination matrices (ODM) are classically estimated from road traffic counts whereas recent technologies grant also access to sample car trajectories. One example is the deployment in cities of Bluetooth scanners that measure the trajectories of Bluetooth equipped cars. Exploiting such sample trajectory information, the(More)
Bluetooth sensors have recently been developed throughout the world for traffic information gathering. Primarily designed for travel time analysis, this article presents a method for vehicular trajectories retrieval. After a short description of some of the challenges at hand in using Bluetooth data in an urban network, a procedure to extract trip(More)
Origin-destination matrix (ODM) estimation is a classical problem in transport engineering aiming to recover flows from every Origin to every Destination from measured traffic counts and <italic>a priori</italic> model information. Taking advantage of probe trajectories, whose capture is made possible by new measurement technologies, the present(More)
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