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For large scale computational grids, where the resources are distributed over areas spanning thousands of miles, achieving efficiency of collective communication operations such as broadcast becomes of paramount importance. We propose a broadcast algorithm constructed in terms of point-to-point communication operations that occur according to a topology(More)
Assuring predictable resources (processors, memory, storage) for applications running on the Grid is a critical factor for the success of the Grid for solving real-life problems. We extend the Globus Resource Management Architecture to provide metascheduling, co-scheduling and advance co-reservation of resources, and compare the proposed architecture with(More)
We present a method for load balancing parallel sorting on heterogeneous networks of workstations and clusters. Load balancing is achieved by exploiting information about the available throughput of the processors. First, the problem is partitioned into subproblems such that the times taken by the processors to solve the subproblems are balanced.(More)
We consider the problem of efficiently computing matrix transposes on the POWER7 architecture. We develop a matrix transpose algorithm that uses cache blocking, cache prefetching and data alignment. We model the POWER7 data cache and memory concurrency and use the model to predict the memory throughput of the proposed matrix transpose algorithm. The(More)
We propose a preconditioning method for linear systems of equations arising from piecewise Hermite bicubic collocation applied to two-dimensional elliptic PDEs with mixed boundary conditions. We construct an efficient, parallel preconditioner for the GMRES method. The main contribution of the paper is a novel interface preconditioner derived in the(More)
Cloud Computing is very fruitful area for today's business. It provide lot of advantages like reduction of hardware and software cost for organization. Organization not has to invest a lot of money for their infrastructure and they gain full benefit of their investment. Number of cloud provider also increasing some of which have their own data center(More)