Gabriel Machado

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This study investigates the mechanisms of glucose and amino acid transport in gills and jaw muscle of N. granulata collected from an estuarine natural population. The physicochemical parameters of the estuarine environment and of this crustacean's hemolymph were measured during different seasons of the year. In summer, the lagoon water osmolality increased(More)
The task of Relation Extraction from texts is one of the main challenges in the area of Information Extraction, considering the required linguistic knowledge and the sophistication of the language processing techniques employed. This task aims at identifying and classifying semantic relations that occur between entities recognized in a given text. In this(More)
The prevention and control of dengue are great public health challenges for many countries, particularly since 2015, as other arboviruses have been observed to interact significantly with dengue virus. Different approaches and methodologies have been proposed and discussed by the research community. An important tool widely used is modeling and simulation,(More)
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