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The design of micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) is currently hindered by the lack of a thorough understanding of the flow physics of very small aircraft flying at low speeds. Trial and error has been the most effective design tool in many cases, often leading to lengthy and costly design processes. The unavailability of complete analytical methods and the(More)
Domain ontologies are widely used to explicit declarative knowledge. However, it is a difficult task to obtain an explicit and shared vocabulary that can be used in computer systems. Besides that, many domains require not only textual data but also visual data to express the meaning of the concepts. Some ontology editors have been developed to support(More)
In 2009, 15.2 million vehicles were recalled in the United States, and of those, 1.3 million were recalled by General Motors due to software issues alone. This recall resulted in more than 136 million dollars in losses for the firm. There is a need to remotely diagnose, update and certify automotive software for efficient recall and safety management. This(More)
The main aim of this paper is to assess the effects of an occupational therapy home programme in Spain on 23 people who had had stroke (mean age 61.17 years). The programme was made up of a set of activities and techniques of physical, cognitive, social and functional nature aimed at preventing, maintaining and/or rehabilitating the abilities affected of(More)
In previous works, it was introduced an approach to support collabo-rative construction and evolution of domain ontologies based on UFO-A. However , there are areas of knowledge, like in the petroleum geology, where we need to represent some natural/geological phenomena which aren't possible to be well represented by UFO-A constructs, by the fact that this(More)
BACKGROUND The disproportion between the large organ demand and the low number of transplantations performed represents a serious public health problem worldwide. Reducing the loss of transplantable organs from deceased potential donors as a function of cardiac arrest (CA) may contribute to an increase in organ donations. Our purpose was to test the(More)
In this thesis, a polar-feedback linearization system for use with MRI RF power amplifiers was designed and simulated. The design here presented is intended to replace Analogic's (located in Peabody, Massachusetts) feed-forward, digital linearization scheme. This involved the selection and testing of components meeting the stringent specifications required(More)
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