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In multi-body models of scoliotic spine, personalization of mechanical properties of joints significantly improves reconstruction of the spine shape. In personalization methods based on lateral bending test, simulation of bending positions is an essential step. To simulate, a force is exerted on the spine model in the erect position. The line of action of(More)
Traumatic spondylolisthesis of the lumbar spine is uncommon and can result in canal narrowing and spinal cord injury. Early decompression promotes recovery of neurological function. We report 3 such cases: one in the lumbosacral joint and 2 in the lumbar spine. The former patient had an open fracture-dislocation and underwent (delayed) posterior(More)
It is necessary to assess coronal Cobb angle in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with adult degenerative scoliosis (ADS). But as most ADS patients are elderly patients who are difficult or unable to stand upright without assistance, it is difficult to obtain standing posteroanterior X-ray radiographs. Whether it is possible to use Cobb angle obtained(More)
Load–displacement relationships of spinal motion segments are crucial factors in characterizing the stiffness of scoliotic spine models to mimic the spine responses to loads. Although nonlinear approach to approximation of the relationships can be superior to linear ones, little mention has been made to deriving personalized nonlinear load–displacement(More)
Objective To compare surgical and radiological outcomes between Video assisted Thoracic Anterior Instrumentation (VATS), all Hooks/Hybrid, and all Pedicle Screw system with a minimum 5 yr follow-up. Patients with AIS Lenke 1, 2 curves undergoing selective thoracic fusion with minimum five year follow-up were included. Patients were divided into the(More)
STUDY DESIGN Retrospective study. PURPOSE To investigate safety profile of open door laminoplasty plates. OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE Few reports have documented potential complications related to the use of cervical laminoplasty plates. METHODS Records and radiographs of consecutive plated laminoplasty patients of one academic surgeon were analyzed. Group(More)
Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) has become an alternative treatment tool for a variety of spinal conditions in the last two decades. This endoscopic or "keyhole" approach minimizes the chest wall morbidity related to the traditional thoracotomy. The current indications for VATS are the same as in any open anterior spinal surgery. This article(More)
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