Gabriel Kovacs

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The different techniques based on multi-modal human-computer communication introduce new directions in the usage of the information systems. This paper presents a system which is able to play chess but also fulfills the requirements of multi-modal systems. The system uses a camcoder for following the chess game and for the communication with the player uses(More)
Several algorithms and methods exist for object detection and recognition, but in the case of extremely large images most of these algorithms can not be used in a time efficient way. The detection of objects on scanned microscopic slides is a challenging problem due to the large size of the magnified slide scans. In this paper a two pass algorithm is(More)
This paper describes both the experimental and theoretical investigations on the cascadability of all-optical routers in optical label swapping networks incorporating a multistage wavelength conversion with 2R regeneration. A full description of a novel experimental setup allows the packet by packet measurement up to 16 hops with 10 Gb/s payload showing 1(More)
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