Gabriel J Rulewicz

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We have isolated cDNAs coding for the complete amino acid sequences of cholinesterase 1 (ChE1) and cholinesterase 2 (ChE2) from amphioxus. Both ChE transcripts have the characteristics of H-type catalytic subunits, which are inserted in the membrane via an ethanolamine-glycan-phosphatidylinositol anchor. The members of the catalytic triad of ChEs, the three(More)
HYPOTHESIS We hypothesize that the degree of supraspinatus atrophy, as assessed with the tangent sign will significantly correlate with increasing rotator cuff tear size. METHODS A retrospective review was performed assessing presence of muscle atrophy using the tangent sign, fatty atrophy based on Goutallier classification, and size of rotator cuff tear(More)
HYPOTHESIS We hypothesize that patients with a positive tangent sign will have rotator cuff tears that are not able to be repaired primarily. METHODS We performed a retrospective review of the charts of patients who had undergone surgery for repair of a rotator cuff tear. The operative note was reviewed to determine whether the cuff tear was primarily(More)
Management of children's fractures requires a thorough knowledge of the developing skeleton, with recognition of the injury present and its potential course based on mechanism and anatomy, a dedication to complete and repeated clinical and radiologic examinations, and a willingness to intercede if unacceptable angulation or any rotation occurs in the course(More)
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