Gabriel I . Rowe

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Elevated stump skin temperatures and the accompanying thermal discomfort are side effects of prosthesis use that may reduce amputee quality of life, particularly in hot or humid surroundings. Lower skin temperatures might be achieved through more effective heat transfer in the prosthesis, a process governed in part by the thermal conductivity of the sock,(More)
Fringing electric field (FEF) sensors are widely used for non-invasive measurement of material properties, such as porosity, viscosity, temperature, hardness, and degree of cure. FEF sensors have also been used to detect the presence of a material or estimate the concentration of a material within the test environment. There are no generic analytical models(More)
Sensitive skin is a highly desired device for biomechanical devices, wearable computing, human-computer interfaces, exoskeletons, and, most pertinent to this paper, for lower limb prosthetics. The measurement of shear stress is very important because shear effects are key factors in developing surface abrasions and pressure sores in paraplegics and users of(More)
Fill-front and cure progress monitoring is critical for vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM) manufacturing processes. The experimental multi-channel system presented in this paper includes sensors, signal conditioning, data acquisition software, and signal post-processing components. The sensors are mechanically flexible and optically transparent(More)
In this paper, we present a capacitive sensor that measures the interfacial forces in prosthesis. The sensor's design, transfer function and performance metrics are tested and discussed. The sensor is uniquely able to measure both shear and normal stress simultaneously.
The design of a Micro Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor is proposed. The possibility of implementing the modified Kretschmann-Raether scheme on a chip is investigated. A moving waveguide is used to change the angle of incidence of the beam of light. The main advantages of this sensor are potentially low cost, simplicity of design and very high(More)
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