Gabriel González

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be a potential hazard for invading species. Avian malaria should therefore be considered a threat for exotic parrots in Europe until results of further epidemiologic and experimental studies are available. Because many European bird species have been introduced to the native range of the psittacines studied here, a concern has been expressed that these(More)
In this article nickel interdigital capacitors were fabricated on top of silicon substrates. The capacitance of the interdigital capacitor was optimized by coating the electrodes with a 60 nm layer of HfO2. An analytical solution of the capacitance was compared to electromagnetic simulations using COMSOL and with experimental measurements. Results show that(More)
—In this paper we present an approach for the automatic identification of relations in ontologies of restricted domain. We use the evidence found in a corpus associated to the same domain of the ontology for determining the validity of the ontological relations. Our approach employs formal concept analysis, a method used for the analysis of data, but in(More)
Despite the advances made in the field of genetics, neuroimaging and metabolic diseases, half the children with mental retardation remain without an aetiological diagnosis. A genetic base is estimated to be present in 40% of cases, environmental teratogens and prematurity in 20%, metabolic diseases in 1-5% and multifactor causes in 3-12%. The family(More)
We report on a previously healthy 11-year-old boy with unilateral periorbital mild headache and facial nerve palsy, followed during the next 5 months by recurrent unilateral headaches and subsequent extrinsic paresis of the third cranial nerve and paresis of the sixth cranial nerve, each of which improved with steroids. Cranial magnetic resonance imaging(More)
INTRODUCTION Cranio-cervical arterial dissections are a recognized cause of ischemic stroke in childhood, with an approximate incidence of 0.4 to 20%. AIM. To describe a population of children with cranio-cervical arterial dissections, analyzing clinical presentation, risk factors, angiographic findings, evolution and treatment. PATIENTS AND METHODS A(More)
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