Gabriel González

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Direct lineage conversion is a promising approach to generate therapeutically important cell types for disease modeling and tissue repair. However, the survival and function of lineage-reprogrammed cells in vivo over the long term has not been examined. Here, using an improved method for in vivo conversion of adult mouse pancreatic acinar cells toward beta(More)
Displacement costs are significant and large in the U.S., but recent studies from developed countries suggest that this experience may not be universal. While comparing results across countries helps identify sources of these differences, developing countries (potentially most different from the U.S.) rarely appear in the literature because the data(More)
Clinical depression is frequently unrecognized, even in health care settings. This study (a) reports high levels of major depressive episodes (MDEs) and depressive symptoms in a public sector women's clinic, (b) compares computerized voice recognition with live interviews, and (c) compares Spanish and English versions of the depression-screening(More)
Caching and Prefetching are the two approaches for Web Caching. Again Web caching is a technology to reduce the response time, bandwidth uses and improving the network traffic etc. Web Prefetching tries to put the future used web objects into cache with higher probability of cache hit. In Web caching, Cache replacement algorithm is the core of it. So, good(More)
In this article nickel interdigital capacitors were fabricated on top of silicon substrates. The capacitance of the interdigital capacitor was optimized by coating the electrodes with a 60 nm layer of HfO2. An analytical solution of the capacitance was compared to electromagnetic simulations using COMSOL and with experimental measurements. Results show that(More)
The necessity for bone marrow aspiration and the lack of highly sensitive assays to detect residual disease present challenges for effective management of multiple myeloma (MM), a plasma cell cancer. We show that a microfluidic cell capture based on CD138 antigen, which is highly expressed on plasma cells, permits quantitation of rare circulating plasma(More)
Following displacement, otherwise identical workers have experienced negative (United States), zero (United States), or positive (France, Germany) wage changes. Institutions, inequality, and labor market conditions might explain these differences, but no study explains this heterogeneity by directly "testing" competing explanations using the same data set(More)
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