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Leptin has beneficial effects on glucose metabolism via actions in the hypothalamus, but the roles of specific subgroups of neurons responsible for these antidiabetic effects remain unresolved. We generated diabetic Lep(ob/ob) or Lepr(db/db) mice lacking or re-expressing leptin receptors (LepRb) in subgroups of neurons to explore their contributions to(More)
This article shows the improving of analysis patterns in the geographic domain through ontological meta-properties, where each pattern's class has its concept analyzed ontologically. This improvement also permits to restructure the class diagram of analysis patterns, increasing the reuse quality. Besides improving the analysis patterns, it is proposed one(More)
This paper presents an ongoing work on ontology learning from text, focusing on the acquisition of concepts and relations. In order to do that, this work investigates approaches for ontology learning, and presents a proposal based on graphs metrics to identify concepts, and text analysis to find relations between the concepts. processamento dessas(More)
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