Gabriel Fitzpatrick

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Case management centres (CMCs) are part of the outbreak control plan for Ebola virus disease (EVD). A CMC in Sierra Leone had 33% (138/419) of primary admissions discharged as EVD negative (not a case). Fifteen of these were readmitted within 21 days, nine of which were EVD positive. All readmissions had contact with an Ebola case in the community in the(More)
Between March 2010 and November 2013 eight laboratory-confirmed cases of serogroup B, invasive meningococcal disease (IMD) were identified in an extended Irish Traveller family across three Health Service Executive (HSE) areas of Ireland. Cases were aged between 5 and 46 months, and were either a cousin or sibling of another case. All eight cases survived.(More)
Prevention of nosocomial Ebola virus (EBOV) infection among patients admitted to an Ebola management centre (EMC) is paramount. Current Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) guidelines recommend classifying admitted patients at triage into suspect and highly-suspect categories pending laboratory confirmation. We investigated the performance of the MSF triage(More)
In 2011, there was a large measles outbreak in Dublin. Nationally 285 cases were notified to the end of December 2011, and 250 (88%) were located in the Dublin region. After the first case was notified in week 6, numbers gradually increased, with 25 notified in June and a peak of 53 cases in August. Following public health intervention including a(More)
There are over 7,000 people on dialysis in Australia and this is predicted to increase due to the ageing population and the high incidence of diabetes mellitus. Discontinuation of dialysis is the second most frequent cause of death in dialysis patients in Australia. Risk factors for the discontinuation of dialysis include: co-morbidities (especially(More)
Operational research aims to identify interventions, strategies, or tools that can enhance the quality, effectiveness, or coverage of programs where the research is taking place. Médecins Sans Frontières admitted ≈5,200 patients with confirmed Ebola virus disease during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and from the beginning nested operational research(More)