Gabriel Fernando Pivaro

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The sum of Wishart matrices has an important role in multiuser communication employing multiantenna elements, such as multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) multiple access channel (MAC), MIMO Relay channel, and other multiuser channels where the mathematical model is best described using random matrices. In this paper, the distribution of linear combination(More)
We propose the exact calculation of the probability density function (PDF) and cumulative distribution function (CDF) of mutual information (MI) for a two-user MIMO MAC network over block Rayleigh fading channels. So far the PDF and CDF have been numerically evaluated since MI depends on the quotient of two Wishart matrices, and no closed-form for this(More)
In this paper, a multi-hop (MH) decode-and-forward (DF) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) relay network has been studied. To consider a more realistic scenario, Full-Duplex (FD) operation with Relay Self-Interference (RSI) is employed. Assuming that the MIMO channels are subject to Rayleigh fading, a simple and compact closed-form outage probability(More)
Integer-forcing (IF) precoding, a generalization of so-called reverse compute-and-forward, is a promising new approach for communication over multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) broadcast channels (BC), also known as multiuser MIMO downlink. Inspired by the integer-forcing framework for multiple-access channels, it generalizes linear precoding by inducing(More)
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