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Globalization and labor market outcomes: Wage bargaining, search frictions, and firm heterogeneity
We introduce search unemployment a la Pissarides into Melitz’ (2003) model of trade with heterogeneous firms. We allow wages to be individually or collectively bargained and analytically solve forExpand
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Naturally Negative: The Growth Effects of Natural Disasters
Growth theory predicts that natural disasters should, on impact, lower GDP per capita. However, the empirical literature does not offer conclusive evidence. Most existing studies use disaster dataExpand
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Exploring the Intensive and Extensive Margins of World Trade
World trade evolves at two margins. Where a bilateral trading relationship already exists it may increase through time (intensive margin). But trade may also increase if a trading bilateralExpand
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Kyoto and the carbon footprint of nations
The carbon footprint of a country refers to the flow of CO 2 emissions caused by domestic absorption (i.e., consumption and investment) activities. Trade in goods drives a wedge between the footprintExpand
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Trade and Unemployment: What Do the Data Say?
This paper documents a robust empirical regularity: in the long-run, higher trade openness is causally associated to a lower structural rate of unemployment. We establish this fact using: (i) panelExpand
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Macroeconomic Potentials of Transatlantic Free Trade: A High Resolution Perspective for Europe and the World
The proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is the most significant trade policy initiative since the Uruguay Round (1986 to 1994). It would create a free trade zone coveringExpand
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The pro-trade effect of the brain drain: Sorting out confounding factors
We sort out confounding factors in the empirical link between bilateral migration and trade. Using newly available panel data on developing countries’ diaspora to rich OECD nations in aExpand
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Does immigration boost per capita income
Using a cross-section of countries, we adapt Frankel and Romer's (1999) IV strategy to international labor mobility. Controlling for institutional quality, trade, and financial openness, we establishExpand
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Cultural proximity and trade
Cultural proximity increases bilateral trade flows through a trade-cost and a bilateral-affinity (preferences) channel. Conventional measures of cultural proximity, such as common language, commonExpand
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Dimensionen und Auswirkungen eines Freihandelsabkommens zwischen der EU und den USA
Das ifo Institut hat im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums fur Wirtschaft und Technologie die vorliegende Evaluierungsstudie zu den Dimensionen und Auswirkungen eines Freihandelsabkommen zwischen der EUExpand
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