Gabriel Dupuy

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This paper studies gratings engraved in multilayer dielectric stacks for ultra high intensity laser compressors application. We design various grating profiles with high reflected efficiencies for 1780 l/mm multilayer dielectric gratings (MLD). Each grating is defined to exhibit a different electric field maximum value in the pillars of the grating. A(More)
We report an experimental investigation of high reflection mirrors used to fabricate gratings for pulse compression application at the wavelength of 1.053microm. Two kinds of mirrors are studied: the mixed Metal MultiLayer Dielectric (MMLD) mirrors which combine a gold metal layer with some e-beam evaporated dielectric bilayers on the top and the standard(More)
We report on manufacturing and testing results of high efficiency mixed metal dielectric gratings (MMLD) for high power pulse compression applications. The gratings with 1780 l/mm are etched in the top low index layer of a Au-(SiO2/HfO2)4-SiO2 mirror stack. Various grating profiles manufactured in order to modify the near electric field distribution are(More)
Pulsed laser damage density measurements obtained with diverse facilities are difficult to compare, due to the interplay of numerous parameters, such as beam area and pulse geometry, which, in operational large beam conditions, are very different from laboratory measurements. This discrepancy could have a significant impact; if so, one could not even(More)
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