Gabriel-Dominique Marleau

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BACKGROUND Hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type 2 (HSAN2; MIM 201300) is a rare recessive neuropathy typically diagnosed in the first decade. The 1973 study of a French Canadian family led to the definition of HSAN2. OBJECTIVES To demonstrate that the apparent higher prevalence of HSAN2 in Quebec is due to the presence of two HSN2 mutations(More)
A set of computational benchmarks for the Doppler reactivity defect for fuel pin cells was submitted by R. D. Mosteller. It includes UO2 fuel, reactor-recycle mixed-oxide(MOX) fuel and weapons-grade MOX fuel with several enrichments. This paper describes the choices of computations and the results of these benchmarks with DRAGON. We will show that for the(More)
We construct light cones for the semi-analytic galaxy formation simulation of Guo et al. and make mock catalogues for comparison with deep high-redshift surveys. Photometric properties are calculated with two different stellar population synthesis codes in order to study sensitivity to this aspect of the modelling. The catalogues are publicly available and(More)
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