Gabriel Dominguez

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We present a gesture recognition approach for depth video data based on a novel Feature Weighting approach within the Dynamic Time Warping framework. Depth features from human joints are compared through video sequences using Dynamic Time Warping, and weights are assigned to features based on inter-intra class gesture variability. Feature Weighting in(More)
A prospective study, aimed to investigate the aetiology of an unusual clustering of cases of severe acute haemolytic anaemia affecting a high percentage of the adult population, was carried out in two isolated Yanomamo communities of the Upper Orinoco basin in Venezuela. Twenty-six patients with active or recent episodes of severe haemolysis were evaluated.(More)
We performed a bibliographic review of the systems proposed by various researchers to evaluate physiologic metatarsal protrusion. The system of measurement devised by Hardy and Clapham to evaluate the protrusion between the first and second metatarsals was adapted to study the whole metatarsal parabola. We studied the five metatarsals of 52 normal feet.(More)
BACKGROUND Orthotic devices are used to help children progressively acquire a more physiologic walking pattern. METHODS To determine the effect of an orthotic device with an out-toeing wedge along with a physiologic shoe as treatment for in-toed gait, angle of gait was measured in 48 children aged 3 to 14 years with in-toed gait. The following comparisons(More)
The objective was to relate the incidence of the partition of the hallucal sesamoid bones to the size of the first metatarsal and the hallux valgus deformity. In a sample of 474 radiographs, the frequency of appearance of bipartite sesamoids was studied. The length and relative protrusion of the first metatarsal, and the hallux abductus angle, were measured(More)
BACKGROUND We performed an adaptation of the system of evaluation of metatarsal protrusion described by Oller in 1994 to study the metatarsal parabola group. METHODS The system of measurement was applied to the five metatarsals of 169 normal feet (72 feet of women and 97 feet of men) according to the inclusion criteria established. RESULTS The mean +/-(More)
BACKGROUND We designed this study to verify whether the sesamoids of the first metatarsal head are longer than normal in feet with incipient hallux limitus, and whether feet with incipient hallux limitus are in a more proximal than normal sesamoid position. METHODS In a sample of 183 dorsoplantar radiographs under weightbearing conditions (115 of normal(More)
In response to the Latin American cholera epidemic, El Salvador began a prevention programme in April 1991. The first case was confirmed in August, and 700 cases were reported within 3 months. A matched case-control study was conducted in rural La Libertad Department in November 1991. Illness was associated with eating cold cooked or raw seafood (odds ratio(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether pre-adolescents interacted more similarly and more positively in best friend pairs than those in acquaintance pairs and whether same-sex dyads interacted more similarly and more positively than opposite-sex dyads. Archival videotapes were coded for the face-to-face interaction behaviors of preadolescent(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this work was to study the relationship of torsional and rotational parameters of the lower limb with a specific angular position of the cleat to establish whether these variables affect the adjustment of the cleat. DESIGN Correlational study. SETTING Motion analysis laboratory. PARTICIPANTS Thirty-seven male cyclists of high(More)