Gabriel Ditu

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We present the Eager TransLucid language, an inten- sional programming language in which the value of a variable is a function mapping multidimensional contexts - the "possible worlds" of intensional logic - to ground values or, equivalently, that variables define multidimensional arrays of arbitrary dimensionality. The Eager TransLucid language is a(More)
We present the development of the Lucid language from the Original Lucid of the mid-1970s to the TransLucid of today. Each successive version of the language has been a gener-alisation of previous languages, but with a further understanding of the problems at hand. The Original Lucid (1976), originally designed for purposes of formal verification, was used(More)
This thesis describes the design and implementation of a parallel Monte Carlo polymerisation simulator for a graphics processor. The goal is to run faster simulations, and in doing so investigate whether the parallelism approach is possible on such a large scale, and whether the vector processing paradigm is suitable. The simulator achieved a 30 times speed(More)
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