Gabriel Dinari

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An approach for studying neurotoxicity of bacterial products is presented. Pentylenetetrazol, a convulsant drug, was injected into mice, and increased sensitivity to pentylenetetrazol was used as an indicator of neurotoxicity. The preinjection of sonicates of Shigella dysenteriae 60R or Escherichia coli H30 (producing Shiga toxin or Shiga-like toxin I,(More)
BACKGROUND The appropriate use of liver transplantation in children with type-1 primary hyperoxaluria (PH-1) is not well established. We reviewed our experience with 36 children with PH-1, including 12 who underwent liver transplantation. PATIENTS AND METHODS From 1989-1998, 36 children from 10 families in northern Israel were diagnosed with PH-1. Eight(More)
To define the uropathogens of various childhood populations and their antibiotic susceptibility, 646 episodes of urinary tract infections (UTI) were studied. Of the community-acquired UTI 78% were caused by Escherichia coli and 12% by Klebsiella whereas only 65% of hospital-acquired UTI were caused by E. coli (P less than 0.01), and other pathogens,(More)
BACKGROUND Failure to thrive is a common problem in children with congenital heart disease (CHD). Resting energy expenditure (REE) in cyanotic and noncyanotic children with CHD before and after open heart surgery has hardly been investigated. METHODS Twenty-nine children younger than 3 years of age with CHD (14 cyanotic and 15 noncyanotic CHD) who were(More)
The therapeutic effects of sucralfate on ulcerated gastric and duodenal mucosa is well known. There is, however, very little information about its effect on the mucosa of the small intestine. We studied the possible protective effect of sucralfate against indomethacin-induced intestinal ulceration in the rat. Sucralfate was found to possess a marked(More)
OBJECTIVE:Helicobacter pylori infection is acquired mainly in early childhood. Much is unknown about the mode of transmission. The organism can be cultivated from cathartic stools and vomitus and is potentially transmissible during episodes of gastrointestinal tract illness. Because Shigella and Salmonella are common pathogens in enteric infections in(More)
Total parenteral nutrition is known to cause cholestasis, but the hepatic site of this effect has not been determined. The purpose of our study was to observe the effect of TPN on bile flow and bile salt secretion rate in rats after selective damage to acinar zone 3. Bromobenzene, 3.8 mmol/kg, was injected i.p., and the animals were studied 48 hours later.(More)
Lifelong immunosuppression is mandatory for optimal graft and patient survival following liver transplantation. Nevertheless, graft rejection or numerous adverse events associated with overimmunosuppression or underimmunosuppression cannot be completely avoided. The ImmuKnow assay measures cell-mediated immunity and is able to discern between conditions of(More)
BACKGROUND Determination of faecal elastase 1 (FE1) is a simple, relatively inexpensive, non-invasive, highly specific and sensitive test for determining pancreatic function. Secretion of pancreatic enzymes varies during infancy, but there are almost no specific data on the ontogeny of elastase 1 in human babies. AIM To study FE1 levels in preterm and(More)