Gabriel Dima

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Measuring the coronal vector magnetic field is still a major challenge in solar physics. This is due to the intrinsic weakness of the field (e.g., ∼ 4G at a height of 0.1R⊙ above an active region) and the large thermal broadening of coronal emission lines. We propose using concurrent linear polarization measurements of near-infrared forbidden and permitted(More)
The radially averaged metallicity distribution of the ISM and the young stellar population of a sample of 20 disk galaxies is investigated by means of an analytical chemical evolution model which assumes constant ratios of galactic wind mass loss and accretion mass gain to star formation rate. Based on this model the observed metallicities and their(More)
Lightweight tubular structures are widely used in aerospace structures. Lattice beams are simple or gusset reinforced connections. As the gusset design offers a lot of solutions in aerospace, this paper focuses on the assessment of the elastic buckling of the most frequently used welded gussets of “T” connections. A FEM method was validated by analytic(More)
This paper describes a distributed approach toward designing an Intelligent Tutoring System for the World Wide Web (WWW) at the University "Politehnica" of Bucharest (Romania). This approach was implemented in the EDIT Learning Environment and is defined by the following features: a www dedicated architecture, a distributed way of working both in the design(More)
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