Gabriel Currier

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INTRODUCTION This clinical pilot study evaluated the stability, surrounding soft-tissue health, and patient comfort and acceptance of a mini-implant used as anchorage for maxillary permanent canine retraction. METHODS The study was conducted in the Graduate Orthodontic Clinic of the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. The sample comprised 16(More)
The use of the learning model is a necessary prerequisite for rendering dental care to the child or adolescent. The awareness of the emotional needs of the child and adolescent and the ability of the doctor to handle them is a requirement for an individual to treat these persons. The treatment plan and methods of treatment are essential factors in the(More)
1. The dental student, the private practitioner, and the dental educator have similar self-motives related to an educational process which includes learning to develop to full potential and having the freedom to carry out one's ideas. 2. The motives perceived by dental students as important for the private practitioner are not the same as those the private(More)
INTRODUCTION Cone-beam computed tomography images have been previously used for evaluation of alveolar bone levels around teeth before, during, and after orthodontic treatment. Protocols described in the literature have been vague, have used unstable landmarks, or have required several software programs, file conversions, or hand tracings, among other(More)