Gabriel Costa Silva

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The heterogeneity of cloud semantics, technology and interfaces limits application and platform portability and interoperability, and can easily lead to vendor lock-in. We identify, analyse and classify existing solutions to cloud vendor lock-in, and highlight unresolved challenges. Our survey is based on a systematic review of 721 primary studies that(More)
Due to the heterogeneity of today's cloud providers, migrating applications between providers is extremely challenging. This lack of portability is caused, in part, by vendor lock-in: the strong dependency created between a cloud user and a cloud provider since the cloud user deploys their software on a specific cloud platform. This paper outlines our plans(More)
Different cloud platforms offer similar services with different characteristics, names, and functionalities. Therefore, describing cloud platform entities in such a way that they can be mapped to each other is critical to enable a smooth migration across platforms. In this paper, we present a DSL that uses a common cloud vocabulary for describing cloud(More)
Developing model transformations is not a straightforward task. It is particularly challenging when the developer has limited or no experience in this area. This not only impedes the adoption of model transformations, but also prevents companies from the benefits of Model-Driven Engineering. We qualitatively analyse eight of the most relevant approaches to(More)
Cloud-based systems are used to deliver business-critical and safety-critical services in domains ranging from e-commerce and e-government to finance and healthcare. Many of these systems must comply with strict non-functional requirements while evolving in order to adapt to changing workloads and environments. To achieve this compliance, formal techniques(More)
This paper deals with the application of genetic algorithms and simulated annealing in order to solve the hydrothermal coordination problem through the optimal operation planning of large and nonlinear complex systems. Aiming to explore different solutions for this kind of problem, this paper suggests a comparison between the results of genetic algorithms(More)
Multi-cloud APIs, such as jclouds, have been regarded as central players in achieving cloud portability and managing multiple clouds. Although their benefits, little is known about their performance. This is critical because applications can suffer performance degradation if the overhead created by a multi-cloud API is significantly larger than a platform(More)
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