Gabriel Bosque

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One of the central interests of Virology is the identification of host factors that contribute to virus infection. Despite tremendous efforts, the list of factors identified remains limited. With omics techniques, the focus has changed from identifying and thoroughly characterizing individual host factors to the simultaneous analysis of thousands of(More)
Metabolic Flux Analysis (MFA) is a methodology that has been successfully applied to estimate metabolic fluxes in living cells. However, traditional frameworks based on this approach have some limitations, particularly when measurements are scarce and imprecise. This is very common in industrial environments. The PFA Toolbox can be used to face those(More)
Data fusion has been widely applied to analyse different sources of information, combining all of them in a single multivariate model. This methodology is mandatory when different omic data sets must be integrated to fully understand an organism using a systems biology approach. Here, a data fusion procedure is presented to combine genomic, proteomic and(More)
A new methodology is presented here with the aim of relating mutations, Protein-Protein Interaction Networks (PPINs) and organismal fitness, following the Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR) philosophy. A latent structures-based method, called Partial Least Squares regression (PLS), is applied to identify few functional modules of the PPIN(More)
Cells adapt their metabolism to survive changes in their environment. We present a framework for the construction and analysis of metabolic reaction networks that can be tailored to reflect different environmental conditions. Using context-dependent flux distributions from Flux Balance Analysis (FBA), we produce directed networks with weighted links(More)
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