Gabriel Bertotti

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A novel theoretical approach to magnetization dynamics driven by spin-polarized currents is presented. Complete stability diagrams are obtained for the case where spin torques and external magnetic fields are simultaneously present. Quantitative predictions are made for the critical currents and fields inducing magnetization switching, for the amplitude and(More)
  • I Panea, G Drijkoningen, A J Van Der Veen, G Bertotti, L Matenco
  • 2005
Introduction Receiver arrays are used in seismic acquisition for data reduction. Synthetic modeling a receiver array shows the presence of some end-effects that introduce false " arrivals " on the seismic records. A beamforming technique has been proposed to attenuate their presence from seismic data. Two beamforming methods and their results are presented(More)
  • G Bertotti, bullet D Seward, J Wijbrans, bullet M Ter Voorde, A J Hurford
  • 2007
An approximately 15-km-thick segment of the Mesozoic passive continental margin of Adria was involved in Alpine shortening and is now exposed in the Lake Como-Lake Lugano area (southern Alps, northern Italy and southern Swit-zerland). The segment comprises the Monte Generoso basin, a deep (-9 km) extensional basin controlled by the activity of the(More)
  • G Bertotti, M Celasco, F Fiorillo, P Mazzetti, S Shingubara, H Kaneko +13 others
  • 1998
resistance to increase until that area is depleted causing the voids to coalesce which causes the local temperature and current density to drop and consequently the resistance drops. A critical film temperature T c = 254 C was identified at which the maximum height M of resistance transient reaches a peak value M p as a function of current density. In(More)
A single-domain nanomagnet is a basic example of a system where relaxation from high to low energy is probabilistic in nature even when thermal fluctuations are neglected. The reason is the presence of multiple stable states combined with extreme sensitivity to initial conditions. It is demonstrated that for this system the probability of relaxing from high(More)
[1] The southern Canadian foreland fold-and-thrust belt (FFTB) (SW Alberta – SE British Columbia) records the interplay between foreland basin evolution with the deforming wedge and thus controls the regional-scale overburden and exhumation history. Overburden estimates are typically based on the assumption that peak burials were reached by sedimentary(More)
A general formulation of scalar hysteresis is proposed. This formulation is based on two steps. First, a generating function g(x) is associated with an individual system, and a hysteresis evolution operator is defined by an appropriate envelope construction applied to g(x), inspired by the overdamped dynamics of systems evolving in multistable free-energy(More)
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