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ASTUS is an authoring framework designed to create model-tracing tutors with similar efforts to those needed to create Cognitive Tutors. Its knowledge representation system was designed to model the teacher's point of view of the task and to be manipulated by task independent processes such as the automatic generation of sophisticated pedagogical feedback.(More)
Model-tracing tutors (MTTs) have proven effective for the tutoring of well-defined tasks, but the pedagogical interventions they produce are limited and usually require the inclusion of pedagogical content, such as text message templates, in the model of the task. The capability to generate pedagogical content would be beneficial to MTT frameworks, as it(More)
Coloring games are combinatorial games where the players alternate painting uncolored vertices of a graph one of k > 0 colors. Each different ruleset specifies that game's coloring constraints. This paper investigates six impartial rulesets (five new), derived from previously-studied graph coloring schemes, including proper map coloring, oriented coloring,(More)
With diffusion tensor imaging measurements and fiber tractography 1-3 , diffusion properties and strength of connectivity between selected regions can be studied. There are several alternative ways to integrate diffusion tensor measurements into a statistical approach that provides diffusion properties, microstructure and connection strength estimates for(More)
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