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The vast amount in complexity of data generated in Genomic Research implies that new dedicated and powerful computational tools need to be developed to meet their analysis requirements. Blast2GO (B2G) is a bioinformatics tool for Gene Ontology-based DNA or protein sequence annotation and function-based data mining. The application has been developed with(More)
Metagenomic sequencing obtains huge amounts of sequences from environmental and clinical samples, thus providing a glimpse of the global prokaryotic diversity of both species and genes in these sources. The current trend in metagenomic analysis follows the so-called gene-centric approach, focused on describing the environments by the study of the functional(More)
The work described in this paper tackles the problem of data mining and classification of large amounts of data using the K nearest neighbours classifier (KNN) [1]. The large computing demand of this process is solved with a parallel computing implementation specially designed to work in Grid environments of multiprocessor computer farms. The different(More)
Computational resources and computationally expensive processes are two topics that are not growing at the same ratio. The availability of large amounts of computing resources in Grid infrastructures does not mean that efficiency is not an important issue. It is necessary to analyze the whole process to improve partitioning and submission schemas,(More)
In the last years an increasing demand for Grid Infrastructures has resulted in several international collaborations. This is the case of the EELA Project, which has brought together collaborating groups of Latin America and Europe. One year ago we presented this e-infrastructure used, among others, by the biomedical groups for the studies of oncological(More)
BACKGROUND How to overcome the difficulty in diagnosing extrapulmonary and extraspinal osteoarticular tuberculosis? What is the most appropriate way to manage the patient? MATERIAL AND METHODS Retrospective series of four cases of extrapulmonary and extraspinal osteoarticular tuberculosis (two patients with knee involvement, one patient with involvement(More)
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