Gabriel Alejandro Martínez-Castañón

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The aim of this study was to analyze the molecular structure of enamel with fluorosis using micro-Raman spectroscopy and compare it with that of healthy enamel. Eighty extracted human molars were classified into four fluorosis groups according to the Thylstrup-Fejerskov Index (TFI) [TFI: 0, Healthy enamel; 1-3, mild; 4-5, moderate; 6-9, severe fluorosis].(More)
Molds are filamentous fungi able to grow on a variety of surfaces, including constructed surfaces, food, rotten organic matter, and humid places. Mold growth is characterized by having an unpleasant odor in enclosed or non-ventilated places and a non-aesthetic appearance. They represent a health concern because of their ability to produce and release(More)
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