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Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation: A Practitioner's Approach
Complex artificial dynamic systems require advanced modeling techniques that can accommodate their asynchronous, concurrent, and highly non-linear nature. Discrete Event systems Specification (DEVS)Expand
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CD++: a toolkit to develop DEVS models
The features of a toolkit for modeling and simulation based on the DEVS formalism are presented. The tool is built as a set of independent software pieces running on different platforms. Not only areExpand
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Application of the Cell-DEVS Paradigm for Cell Spaces Modelling and Simulation
We present the results obtained when using the Cell-DEVS paradigm for cell spaces modelling and simulation. This formalism allows one to model and simulate cell spaces, including delay functions, toExpand
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Timed cell-DEVS: modeling and simulation of cell spaces
DEVS and Cellular Automata formalisms are applied to define a modeling paradigm for cellular models. Different delay functions to specify the timing behavior of each cell, allowing the modeler toExpand
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CD++: a toolkit to define discrete-event models
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Synchronization methods in parallel and distributed discrete-event simulation
Abstract This work attempts to provide insight into the problem of executing discrete event simulation in a distributed fashion. The article serves as the state of the art in Parallel Discrete-EventExpand
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Distributed simulation of DEVS and Cell-DEVS models in CD++ using Web-Services
Abstract Discrete event system specification (DEVS) is a modeling and simulation formalism that has been widely used to study the dynamics of discrete event systems. Cell-DEVS is a DEVS-basedExpand
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Implementing parallel Cell-DEVS
Cell-DEVS is a formalism intended to model complex physical systems as cell spaces. Cell-DEVS allows to describe cellular models using timing delay constructions, allowing a simple definition ofExpand
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RISE: A general simulation interoperability middleware container
In recent years, new services on the Internet have enabled global cooperation; in particular, the Web has enabled new distributed simulation technology. Much research has been devoted to developExpand
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