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Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation: A Practitioner's Approach
The author focuses on how to use the CD++ tool to define a variety of models in biology, physics, chemistry, and artificial systems, and demonstrates how to map different modeling techniques to DEVS.
CD++: a toolkit to develop DEVS models
The features of a toolkit for modeling and simulation based on the DEVS formalism are presented, built as a set of independent software pieces running on different platforms, and a focus on its use is considered.
Application of the Cell-DEVS Paradigm for Cell Spaces Modelling and Simulation
The Cell-DEVS paradigm allows one to model and simulate cell spaces, including delay functions, to specify their timing behavior, and the main results are presented, showing the usefulness of the approach.
Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation : Theory and Applications
The book describes different forms of simulation supported by DEVS, the use of real-time DEVS simulation, the relationship between DEVS and graph transformation, the influence of DEVS variants on simulation performance, and interoperability and composability with emphasis on DEVS standards.
Timed cell-DEVS: modeling and simulation of cell spaces
DEVS and Cellular Automata formalisms are applied to define a modeling paradigm for cellular models, allowing the modeler to represent the timing complex behavior in a simple fashion and efficient and cost-effective development of cellular models simulators could be achieved.
Distributed Simulation and Web Map Mash-Up for Forest Fire Spread
A mash-up of different Web services that can be used by emergency planning teams and firefighters to better understand the behavior of wildfires is focused on, integrating the simulation location environment with geographic information system (GIS) data.
Panel on grand challenges for modeling and simulation
This Panel reflects on progress made since the Workshop, new Grand Challenges that have emerged over the past ten years and key M&S milestones for the next decade.