Gabriel A. Arroyo

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A green approach for the synthesis of a set of ten 4-aryl substituted-5-alcoxy carbonyl-6-methyl-3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-pyridones using Meldrum's acid has been devised, the absence of solvent and the activation with infrared irradiation in addition to a multicomponent protocol are the main reaction conditions. The transformations proceeded with moderated yields(More)
A simple green approach for the production of benzylideneaniline oxides is offered. This contribution was performed via the condensation of phenylhydroxylamine with several aryl aldehydes, in the absence of both catalyst and solvent, and using microwave irradiation as the activating reaction mode. In addition, good yields of the products were achieved in a(More)
A mass spectrometric study of several tricarbonyl (eta(6)-phenyl methanols) of chromium(0) was performed. Electron ionization (EI), chemical ionization (CI) and fast atom bombardment (FAB) mass spectra were acquired for each molecule, and compared in order to establish a general fragmentation pattern. The suggested pathways were investigated and confirmed(More)
In addition to some histological observations, the chemical composition of Carica candicans Gray (Caricaceae) fruit and seeds, a plant common in Peruvian nutritional habits, was determined. The fruit contains high amounts of total proteins (8.2% on dry weight basis) and carbohydrates (70.1%) and appreciable contents of vitamin C and minerals. The oil(More)
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